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Top 10 Most beautiful Actresses of 2018

Do you want to know the most beautiful actresses in the world in 2018? Who does not admire beauty? When it comes to women, beauty is the most valued aspect of their lives. Beauty gives women respect, self-worth, confidence and faith. Hollywood is known to produce some of the gorgeous actresses of all time.

Based on more than 4000 votes that were cast in a recent poll, a list of most beautiful actresses in the world was compiled. This article will present a list of top 10 most beautiful actresses that you need to know.

10. Dakota Fanning

She is the youngest actress to be nominated for the Hollywood’s Screen Actors Guild Award and has been ranked 10th in the list of most beautiful actresses of 2018. She is an American model and actress who want to top in the film and fashion industries. Dakota appeared in several child movies and later decided to take adult roles in Twilight Saga and Coraline movies. She has appeared in front covers of famous magazines like the Cosmopolitan.

9. Lily Collins

Lily Collins is a young actress that has made it to the list of top most beautiful actresses of all time. She defines beauty, elegance and cuteness all combined. She was born in 1989 and has been working for the BBC drama series. She has won various accolades and is widely known because of her movies: The English Teacher and Love. She might soon be starring in the next hesit movie! More info, check this article “best online casino in UK to read the full story.

8. Nadia Hilker

Nadia Hilker is a renowned German Television and film actress that is accredited for her role in the Spring Movie. She has a beautiful face and is ranked 8th in our list of most beautiful actresses of 2018.

7.Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is ranked 7th most beautiful actress in the whole world. She has won the Oscar award several times and is considered the highest paid actress in the world. According to Forbes and Times Magazines, Jennifer makes it to the list of 100 most influential women in the world.

6. Monica Belluci

Monica is an old model and fashion enthusiast who makes it top the list of most gorgeous women in the world. She has a perfect body that has unique curves. She is almost in her 50’s and yet remains the most admired woman in the world.

5. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley is a famous actress that is known for her Divergent movie series. She is only 25 years old and has continued to captivate her audience with charm.

4. Deepika Padukone

Deepika is a young Indian actress that has attracted many people because of her grace and beauty. She has been ranked 4th in the list of most beautiful actresses of Hollywood in 2018.

3. Emma Watson

Almost everyone knows Emma Watson because of her incredible beauty and grace. She is a British actress who has been in the model industry since her childhood. She has played a leading role in the fashion and beauty industry.

2. Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is the second most admired actress in the whole world. She has fantastic eyes that almost catches the attention of all her viewers. She has produced numerous movies like Baywatch, Layover amongst others.

1. Dakota Johnson

The Dakota’s have taken the film industry with a storm with Dakota Johnson named as the most stunning actress of the year 2018.

Cannes Film Festival 219: What to Expect?

If there exists an event that is likely to beat the Oscars, then it is the Cannes’ Film Festival. This is a well known French event that has assured a good platform to the performer and the upcoming directors from different nationalities. This is not only an award ceremony, Cannes premier’s film screening competing on category Palm d’Or. It offers the ripest opportunity for the journalist and film junkies to be able to pack on interviews and screenings.

How the Cannes Film’ Festival Works

Several films are usually presented to the Cannes’ Film Festival on a yearly basis where the committee that is involved in the selection goes through all of them. At the end of the selections, they are expected to pick at least 30′ short films and 50′ feature films that will now be included on the official selection, which is then the main bodywork that usually acts as the center’ of the occasion.

Films Selection

The films which will be able to make it to the Official Selection are then put into different categories which include:


2.The competition: Short films and Feature films

3.Un Certain Regard

For your film to qualify for the competition, Un Certain’ Regard, and the out of competition selections, then it should be presented within the 12 months that leads to Cannes Film Festival and it should not have been availed in any other international context. This includes filming in any’ other state apart from the one it is supposed to be presented, shown on international film’ festival and being posted on the internet and it looks like this year, The Cannes Festival will do honnor to the Finnish films enterering the competition.

What to Expect?

Cinefondation Category

In this category which was launched in the year 1998, it is exclusively meant for the film students already enrolled in different film schools. The movies expected should be functional, either animation or live action and they should not last for more than one hour. Also, anything that will be produced within 18′ months preceding the occasion will be a fair game. Just like any other selection of the Official Selection, the film will only qualify for the Cinefondation only if it has not been presented to any other international scale.

In Competition Category

On this category, films from the main directors all over the world will look forward to vying for a win on the Palme d’Or and several other awards that are designated by the Cannes’ Film Festival as the ‘ arthouse cinema that boasts of a wide audience appeal’. Among the films which will be competing this year are Under Silver’ Lake, Spikes’ Lee’s BlackkKlansman, and Jean-Luc Godard’s Le’ Livre d’Image from the It Follows’ director Robert David Mitchell.

Out of Competition

These are films which the selection committee considers for recognition but they don’t, math well with the criteria for selection in some way. During 2019 Cannes Film’ Festival we expect both Ramin Bahrani’s adaptations of the’ Fahrenhiet’ 451 and Ron Howards’s Solo’: A Star Wars Story’ starring characters will be Michael Shannon and Michael’ B.Jordan to premiere on the Cannes category. Terry Gilliam’s the long’-Waited and most likely The Man’ Who Killed Don’ Quixote’ is also, slated to premiere during the competition.

Un Certain Regard

This is a film with ” original aim and aesthetic’ that is known to have limited’ distribution of theatrics although seeking some international recognition.

The French’ is very serious about the film, and the art’ of cinema has really grown thanks to the development of France. So, it has perfectly fitted in the country and has become one of the world’s highly prestigious’ film festival.

How Coachella 2019 went down

One of the most awaited music festivals this year came to a close two weeks ago and it definitely did not disappoint. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival brought infinite glitz and glamour, with Hollywood celebrities and big names in showbiz gracing the event. Top headliners of Coachella 2019 included stars like Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, Khalid, Weezer, and The 1975. Party-goers were treated to a week of high-octane entertainment with an opportunity to watch their favorite music stars perform live on stage. If you weren’t lucky to attend this fun-filled extravaganza, the following is everything you need to know about Coachella 2019.

Coachella is known for more than just the musical prowess; considering that this yearly celebration is held in the sweltering California heat, stars and other festival enthusiasts get the opportunity to be experimental with their fashion choices and bring out the best of style. Among the best outfits on display at the event was worn by model and Lewis Hamilton’s ex, Winnie Harlow, who stepped out in a cute fluorescent green co-ord that she perfectly clashed with a rose gold-tinted hairdo. Another model, Stella Maxwell, settled for a rock & roll look in simple blue denim pants, paired with a black crop top combo and a leather jacket to complete the outfit. This year was a special festival as many professional poker players took part of the event. It seems they gained their skills from https://www.canadiancasinoreview.com/, visit this site if you want to learn as well.

Meanwhile, actor Olivia Culpo came out bearing a fashion statement in a lacey pink midi dress with a modest slit at the back. A pointed pair of cute white heels completed her stylish look. Another delicate look was by actor and model Emily Ratajkowski who donned a pair of white skinny pants to go with a bell-sleeved crop top and red boots. Finally, Hailey Bieber chose to incorporate some relevance in her outfit by going double denim, considering that she was to attend a lunch hosted by the denim brand, Levi’s. The main fashion trend at Coachella was crop tops, which many part-goers stepped out in, with leopard print designs also reigning supreme.

Many artists took the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to recently deceased artists like Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller during their respective performances. Anderson Paak performed Miller’s song “Dang” and asked the audience to raise their hands in the air for his brother and friends, referring to Miller and Nipsey. Jaden Smith joined in the tribute by using his time on stage to show love to the fallen stars and sending his “R.I.P” message. Another artist who remembered Nipsey and Miller was “This is America” hit-maker, Childish Gambino. He also remembered to mention his late father during the tribute.

The show didn’t go on without a fair share of unforgettable moments. Let’s just say that the technical malfunctions were a handful. Nicki Minaj’s set with Ariana Grande was marred with difficulties when her in-ear feed seemed to break down. Nobody seemed to hear anything when Diddy and Mase were rapping along to their hit “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and the situation didn’t get any better when NSYNC performed. The malfunctions extended to Billie Eilish’s performance with the mic suddenly cutting off, and the same issue was experienced when Lizzo and her dance crew got on stage. Find more info about Coachella 2020 and who are going to be the main sponsors of this event here: parhaatkasinosivut; from what we heard, some of the best online casinos like Captain Cooks Casino could become the next main sponsor!

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Who’s the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity?
Once again PETA is running their annual poll to find out who is the sexiest vegetarian celebrity. Some of the stars in the running for the 2010 title include: Kevin Bacon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman.
Celebs move to French Casinos
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Relaunch Party
Everyone’s favourite UK casino online is set to revamp its look with some high profile promotions. Whilst they aren’t celebrities in their own right, some of the WAGS of UK footballers will be helping to relaunch this casino at a party in London. We’re interested to find out more about the massive online casino bonus they’re apparently giving away to one lucky person.
Play in Style
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The 100 Most Powerful Women
Who made is up this year into the top. Here are some of the most powerful woman in 2010. Top of the list is German chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by Sheila Bair Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Indra Nooyi Chief executive of PepsiCo. Some other famous women who made the list are Cristina Fernandez and Sonia Gandhi. Are we going to be on next years list? A massive new has hit the gambling world, a slot machine will soon be released by topcasinobewertungen, and brace yourself, this game will do honor to the 100 most beautiful women in the world!
Las Vegas Here We Come
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Lindsey Lohan creates Fuzz at Fashion Week
Lindsey Lohan is famous for her wild parties and often causes trouble. The latest news do not see her playing in a casino in Las Vegas but at New York’s Fashion week. She watched a show by designer Cynthia Rowley. At the start not many recognized her but once they did photographers overthrew themselves to get the best picture. Lohan wore shorts and a flowing top and almost stole the show from the star designer.